i don't compare myself anymore. i don’t want to be like my father, just someone he is proud of and respects. the only way people are going to take you seriously is if you make your own path.

the only son of beatles legend paul mccartney, jeff mccartney is a closet music afficianado but opts to stay out of the limelight. jeff has a serious relationship with his dog, likes to collect vintage stratocasters and has replaced water entirely with stout beer.
jeffrey james mccartney.

7 november 1986 in london, england.

sir james paul mccartney & linda mccartney (d. 1988)

mary, stella, astor and beatrice mccartney.

london, england & new york city, new york.

jeff successfully auditioned and was accepted into the brit school, a prestigious performing arts and technology school located in croydon, england. after his graduation, jeff attended trinity college at oxford university where he attained his mphil in music composition.

joined september management as a talent manager in '09. due to his personal ties to the industry as well as a comprehensive understanding of music, jeff began working alongside the likes of paul epworth, london grammar and adele. he also is a silent partner and investor in the pacific club, a restaurant and lounge that he is co-managing with close friend, dean springsteen.

the general agreed net worth of the family is said to be £680 million. the family's wealth is expected to increase in a couple of years once paul mccartney reclaims the beatles catalog which is expected to occur in 2018.

jeff mccartney is an avid supporter of nonprofits that focus on supporting kids participating in music programs. he is a spokesman for save the music foundation, fender music foundation & unicef.

the soho house (nyc/london), ye olde mitre, glastonbury festival & the george inn.